How to Change a Life

“God’s kingdom is at your doorstep.” Six words. Millions of possibilities. God’s kingdom, his creation, his splendor, his creatures great and small…your opportunity. What are you going to do with it?

It’s a bit daunting, really, when you think about it. God’s kingdom is in your backyard, on your street, at your school, your workplace, the bank, even Starbucks. Have you impacted Gods kingdom today? Makes you a little uncomfortable, doesn’t it? And it should. How many times a day is our focus truly on someone other than ourselves or an immediate family member? God’s kingdom is at our doorstep and we are missing it! Not just because of missed opportunities to offer the proverbial cup of water to the least of these, but in the “God moments” that happen multiple times a day.

Have you impacted God’s kingdom today? Do you want to? There’s a lady in the drive-thru behind you who needs to know there is goodness in the world, why don’t you pay for her items? There’s a mother who’s embarrassed that she can’t pay her library fines, why don’t you pick up her tab, and someone else’s too? And, oh, by the way, the librarian is under appreciated and underpaid, so why don’t you bake her a batch of muffins and write her a thank you note to drop off while you’re there. Speaking of under appreciated and underpaid, and over worked, your child’s teacher sure could use a note of encouragement, thanking her for helping your child and so many others, why don’t you send that note with some of those muffins you made? And another thing, and this one’s easy, everyone you meet today is going to need a big, genuine smile and a sincere greeting. Some of them may need a few minutes of your time to share a difficulty they’ve been going through, be prepared with an encouraging word, and maybe a quick prayer.

Don’t worry, I know you’re thinking this is a lot, but you’re going to be receiving too, so keep your eyes open. Remember those “God moments” I mentioned earlier? As you slow down and become more aware of the ways you can impact Gods kingdom, you’re going to see some amazing things. That sunrise in the morning is going to astound you as God nudges you to see the kingdom he made just for you. The drawing your child made for you will bring tears to your eyes as you see their love for you beaming out of the swirl of Crayolas on the page. The compliment from a coworker on the project you’ve been working on is going to come at just the right time in your day, reminding you that good does come out of the chaos. The elderly gentleman who holds the door open for you at the bank is going to smile in just the right way, reminding you of your grandfather and the legacy he left behind. Just tiny moments, but if you slow down and anticipate them, instead of letting them pass by unnoticed or taking them for granted, oh…what joy they’ll bring.

God’s kingdom is at your doorstep. Millions of possibilities. What are you going to do with them?

Luke 10:9Image