Where the Wild Things Are

Where-The-Wild-Things-AreRecently my husband and I took our daughter to see the movie Where the Wild Things Are.  Although I do not suggest it as a kid’s movie (too dark and depressing with attempts to address serious human emotions), I found there were several things that gave me pause.

When Max, the main character, arrives in the land of the “Wild Things,” Carroll, a wild thing, is in the midst of an emotional and physical battle against hurt, rejection, and anger.  He is acting on this by destroying the wild things’ homes.  As the others watch, not sure how to handle the situation, Max steps in and joins Carroll in his destruction.  Carroll is in awe as this outsider understands his frustration and is willing to stand with him.  Later, when Max is made “King of the Wild Things,” Carroll talks with Max about his worries and remarks, “It’s better when we have a king.”

Isn’t this true for us?  So often we become bogged down with the human condition, giving in to the hurt, rejection, and anger that is bound to come with human existence.  And we need a king.  We need an involved leader who is willing to come to our wild land, get dirty and say, “Hey, I know what you’re going through because I’ve been there, too.”

And the great news?  We have such a king.  Two thousand years ago he came to this wild land we call home and lived the same life we now live.  He got dirty from our human condition, and he felt every emotion we have ever felt.  Rejected?  As he was being judged, beaten, and then crucified his twelve followers, his brothers, denied and rejected him.  Angry?  He responded to the mockery that was made of his father’s house by upending tables and throwing out the vendors from the synagogue.  Sad?  He sees each act his creation, his children, make that leads to their destruction, and yet he feels Hope…because to each of his children he stands with open arms, beckoning, offering a chance for change and renewal.  No act of rebellion, no crime, no addiction, no secret sin is so big that Christ’s love can’t cover it.  He came to our wild land, to live among the wild things, so that he could understand our human condition and offer a way out.

It’s better when we have a king!



  1. Good Job Steph.
    Love ya.

  2. great entry, steph

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